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on cultivating  

When the soil in your mind is broken up, remember to sow a seed, raise them with your tears, and waiting for them to grow with patience.


printed with risograph 孔版印刷
screen printing package 手工絹印包裝

full size 展開尺寸 :  210 mm x 297 mm  

​。every copy is numbered 每張編號

printed on RETRO-A 使用紙張 RETRO-A

*RETRO-A is soft and rough, and it also shows the delicate texture of ink being soaked into paper, which express the charm of hand-drawn illustrations and classic fonts on the print.


100 prints limited 限量100份

✎ Risograph 孔版印刷

Risograph is NOT perfect like an inkjet or laser printer, the ink can be easily rub off. Every print would be slightly different( that's why each print has an unique number! ) , which also includes random mis-registration or ink mark.
版畫原理的印刷方式,每色分開印刷,因此會有錯位產生。因為油墨本身的特性,也會有掉墨、擦痕等情況(不影響畫面及閱讀),每份都是獨一無二的,因此皆有獨立編號 :-)

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